What we’re writing about here:

Nathan Hershey and Alicia Bryan have noticed many similarities and dissimilarities in our histories and our perspectives on the world – Nathan born in 1930, myself born in 1988 and both of us born to be very outspoken.  In Two Centuries Linked, we aim to study topics of human behavior in the world.  We will both write on each topic.  Our intent is to highlight the differences between then and now, and between the perspectives of a 20th Century man and a 21st Century woman.  And we begin in the year 2011.


We do not always agree on the content of what appears in the blog, but respect the positions taken by the other author. Alicia and I have different views on political and social matters. We have had very different experiences and are to a large extent products of different centuries. We also give priorities to different values. I will not pick a subject to explain that now, but I want to make clear she and I are free to differ in the blog on subjects. This may make the content we write confusing to some. I see no harm in that at all.


2 Comments to “What we’re writing about here:”

  1. A very creative idea! Do your readers get to suggest topics?

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