21st Century Woman

Howdy, I am Alicia Bryan, born January 28, 1988 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, making me 23 years old today, in Pittsburgh.

I attended public school in my hometown.  Seeing that school was not my be-all, end-all, I worked to graduate high school one year early, leaving in 2005.  Working and traveling a while, I witnessed stories unfold around me, untold; I entered the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to study Photojournalism.  School was still not my be-all, end-all.  I finished the terms for which I had taken loans and I withdrew in good academic (though not good financial) standing.

Since then, I have assisted teaching high school photography, still instruct adult bicycle mechanic classes at the people’s bike shop and have been writing with Nathan this past year and counting.


5 Comments to “21st Century Woman”

  1. It strikes me that the British are being bad sports. Just because they lost the revolutionary war and the US came into being, it doesn’t seem that they should be discriminating against athletes who play a TRULY American sport which existed before there had been any Europeans in North America.

  2. hehehe. bad sports.
    i think the crux of the issue with the passport is a failure to recognize the legal owners of the land as a sovereign nations, while the occupying force is granted legitimacy when they have never legally acquired land ownership according to the laws of the native nations nor the laws of the colonizers. all was sustained through international crimes and genocide. they fail to recognize the passport because they cannot allow native nations to be viewed with legitimacy for it would threaten their theoretical power structure. this is a continuing problem that has at least for the passports sake been going on since the sixties, but for our sake it has been much much longer.


    when the haudenosaunee delegates were arriving in geneva for the indigenous peoples forum, they were being denied access because they needed american passports, the very reason they were there, they would not be recognized with their own nations’ documentation.

  3. I’m glad to receive your comments, though I suspect that you travel a road that you sometimes travel alone. There’s nothing wrong in that and it makes you distinctive.

  4. Hello! I am a recent addition to this blog – my name is Evie Varisanmya and I am temporarily taking my friend Alicia’s place as the “21st Century Woman” writer while she is out of state. I was born July 20, 1991, in Pittsburgh, PA and have lived around here all my life. I am a letter writer, poet, and avid reader, as well as a runner and dancer. I will be working with Nathan for several weeks until Alicia returns and am excited to share my perspective with the blog’s readers. Well wishes!

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